You I’m sure wonder what life is
is it just the wants and needs and the things you own?
You’d have no more doubts my friend…
had you seen to me what was shown?
Gazing down the street, I sat on my chair
Resting my chin on the window sill, sitting without a care
First few rays of light and the chirping of birds
Kids running off to school herds after herds.
And I saw this one kid stop and pick something from the ground
It appeared to be an envelope with a red ribbon all around
With utter glee and filled with curiosity the kid untied the ribbon
He pulled out and read, the note that lied therein
The kid after chuckling at his interpretation was again on his way
While the note fell to the ground, the dirt turning it gray
The rush hour traffic, everyone in the groove
The note still lying, getting dirtier, yet to move
And past it went this young man, appearing to be thirty or so
His gait was steady, yet his pace was slow
He turned and gave it another look
Amply intrigued he retreated
He kept reading and turning the note
As if searching for lines that had been deleted.
His look was that of puzzlement, as if he had no clue
Of what that note was all about? How it came there out of the blue?
And I just sat there wondering myself, what could and would the case be?
Why the child ran away giggling, and why puzzled the young man flee?
The sun was about to set and I was about to retire to bed
That I saw this old man pick the note and raise it above his head
He strained to read it in the fading light, and then, just dropped it
With a cry of grief, shaking and panting, on the ground he tried to sit
Being so old and weak, his feeble legs won’t support him, and he fell
That put an end to my laziness and I ran downstairs like hell
I got hold of the old man and helped him back on his feet
With teary eyes and shaking hands he started to retreat

I could take it no more and hastily read the note
The note that had made three generations act to the extremes
Just a phrase, a mere phrase was inscribed…
Life, what is; what it seems?

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